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Smaller Scale Brisbane Building Construction

  • Tiny Houses – More than just an idea – it’s a global movement! Downsize, declutter. Build it on wheels and take it with you! These independent and self-sufficient dwellings are a great source of a second income in your back yard, or for family holidays, or life on the road. Custom design to the smallest detail.
  • Studios – get that space separate from your home where you can focus, create, work…….fill it with gym equipment and then you really have no excuse!
  • Granny Flats – as your parents get older have them close by in their own independent dwelling
  • Rumpus Room – set up safe play rooms for the toddlers- soft fall flooring and paint the walls to draw on- or a teenage lounge for music and the drum kit! Get all the play gear into one room so that it doesn’t have to be tidied every day from underfoot. 

If you need a quote for a smaller scale building project- from a Granny Flat to a Cubby, a Shed to a Tiny House on Wheels- Call Second Nature Builders.