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Safe Building Site Practices in Brisbane

A Clean Site is a Safe Site

Our mission to keep a tidy and safe work environment for you, family, pets and of course our workers.

  • A "Second Nature Builders" sign will be placed on your footpath during construction.
  • Second Nature Builders delivery point signs will be set up for timber and bin deliveries.
  • We expect our team members to keep our sites safe, tidy and free of rubbish.
  • We tidy the site on a daily basis.
  • We conduct a full clean-up of debris on the completion of a project.
  • Our team members are polite, helpful and respectful.
  • Radios may be used on site or not (you can decide)
  • You may have pets requiring special arrangements
  • Perimeter: Site fencing, sediment control, access control, site safety signage, delivery access.
  • Storage: Skip bin location, materials storage
  • Facilities: Site toilets and smoko area. Builders power supply 
  • Cleaning: Daily builders clean up to keep the site organised and safe. Detail clean at the handover.
  • Manners: Polite and considerate staff
  • Noise. No loud talking or music. Controlled periods of noisy equipment
  • Children and pets: Care and consideration for children and pets.
  • Dust: Dust control screening and zip doors. Vacuum equipped tools 
  • Neighbours: Coordination with neighbour as required

Second Nature Builders are pet friendly builders with safety and site cleanliness as our top priority.